Fraudulent attacks on GcMAF

GcMAF is a human protein and a human right that can treat over 50 diseases, and all tumour cancers (which is 90% of cancers) successfully. It has no side effects. Accordingly it is under attack from vested interests:

The big pharmaceutical companies, or Big Pharma, take over 3.6 trillion dollars a year out of drugs, with profits in hundreds of billions. Many of these fail. Some like chemotherapy, are poisons that maim and kill.
Big Pharma spend perhaps one billion a year on lobbying. They’ve changed the law in Western countries so that only their drugs, and their methods, are allowed.

They also spend millions on “charities,” websites, bloggers, the media to spread disinformation and to attack inexpensive but effective treatments they see as a threat to their profits:

The MHRA is supposed to protect the British people. Instead it protects the monopolies of the billion dollar pharmaceuticals (who charge, eg. £40,000 for a round of chemotherapy poison), and ruthlessly closes down inexpensive, effective treatments wherever it can. They may kill 200,000 people a year. They made 18 fraudulent statements about Immuno Biotech’s superb sterility, and committed perjury to get a court order against them. They have two Big Pharma directors on their board: Ian Hudson, and Gerald Heddell. See:

The GcMAF Wikipedia entry  70 of the 120 GcMAF scientific research papers are re-published on the American National Library of Medicine.  If you post those on this wikipedia page, within minutes it has been taken down. Big Pharma pays disinformation specialists to watch this page and ensure it conceals the truth. They actually reply to your emails – they admit what they are doing. This happens to a number of wikipedia pages – don’t trust it.

Cancer Research UK, a “charity” – much loved, but it has Big pharma directors on its board, publishes fraudulent misrepresentation, outright lies, about products that are a threat to big pharma, and sends thousands every year into the poison of chemotherapy, which, according to the Journal of Clinical research, fails 97.7% of its patients.  Cancer Research UK must have driven scores of thousands to their deaths.

The Anticancer Fund of Belgium, which purports to be a charity. The the Anticancer Fund used fraudulent and simply wrong science to take down two of Dr Yamamotos GcMAF research papers, concealed their conflicts of interest, namely that they have big pharma represented on their board, and that they are marketing a competing product. On their website they recommend, you guessed it, chemotherapy.

Jeffrey Beall  States Immuno Biotech Ltd, world’s largest supplier of fully tested GcMAF, published a research paper in a “Predatory Journal” and that’s the only journal they published in.  There is nothing “predatory” about The American Journal of Immunology, and the journal would be insulted to read that. But Immuno Biotech has published in a dozen of the world’s top medical science journals, which Beall conceals.  Beall creates pure fraudulent misrepresentations, and the only motive can be that he is paid to do so. He is a disinformation specialist.

Fiona O Leary – proud autism advocate (we should all have autism) Irish mother who is horrified that her autistic children have a 60% chance of being successfully treated by GcMAF without side effects. That will deprive her of her autism martyrdom status, and she’s not the only autistic mum to take that view. She goes out of her way to contact the press to misrepresent GcMAF.

She’s not a doctor, not a scientist, not a patient, has never purchased the treatments concerned and knows very little about them. But modern young journalists, who are sufficiently incompetent they don’t know that the source of the information defines the quality of that information, hang on every word. Difficult to tell if she’s a disinformation specialist, or bonkers. She’s certainly cruel to her children – denying them the chance of a normal life without autism.

Corrupt Guernsey

The very corrupt States of Guernsey has done all it can to block GcMAF. See

Fake GcMAFs

Without a good laboratory and absolutely top scientists, its not possible to make GcMAF. Its a 22 step process. So most of the GcMAFs on the market are fake. Its easy to spot a fake- it lacks valid tests. One apparently fake GcMAF comes from a surprising source:

Bad Science from Professor Marco Ruggiero MD and Rerum.

In his long attempted assassination of GcMAF in favour of his own product, Rerum, Marco is saying that 300 GcMAF scientists, including himself, are wrong, and only his new ideas are right.

He begins by attacking his former associate Dr Yamamoto, misquoting him by saying HIV can’t create nagalase. Yamamoto said infected cells, not HIV, create nagalase. He then sides with big pharma’s AntiCancer Fund of Belgium, who used fraudulent science to get some of Yamamoto’s papers taken down.

He talks about HIV to confuse – it has no relevance to GcMAF.

Marco then states there are no good results with GcMAF: He pretends only Yamamoto has results, and then says his methods were invalid. But Immuno Biotech Ltd has 6,000 good results, some of which Ruggiero documented, and published in top scientific journals himself. He conveniently ignores these.

He then states that people with cancer have GcMAF: In his misinterpretation of the Rehder paper, Marco makes out people with cancer have huge amounts of GcMAF, and it fails to prevent the cancer. To support this he deliberately confuses GcProtein with GcMAF and says these people have GcMAF. He then states the protein at T418 is GcMAF, when its 62,500 times the size of GcMAF. It is impossible to tell whether there is active GcMAF at position 420, as there is too much protein at T418. The probability remains people with cancer have no GcMAF, yet Marco states the opposite.

Marco says people who have no GcMAF have no disease: He says autistic children have no GcMAF and have no other diseases. After treating 3,500 of them, IBL know this too, is wrong, they usually have other diseases.

Marco therefore wrongly deduces that people who have GcMAF have cancer, and autistic children who don’t have GcMAF don’t have cancer. His conclusion is you are better off without GcMAF.

These two deliberately wrong deductions allow him to state GcMAF does nothing, and to launch Rerum in place of GcMAF.

He dishonestly states: “Rerum is the replacement for the now obsolete GcMAF.”  GcMAF is still made by 5 billion humans, Rerum isn’t made by any humans. So how can GcMAF be obsolete?

Tests of Rerum

Both ELN Laboratories of Holland and IBL tested Rerum against Goliec without the other knowing they were doing it. They got identical results.

Immuno Biotech Ltd tested Rerum in their laboratory, in the usual IBL production run test number 7 in December 2015, the macrophage activation assay. While all IBL’s products activated macrophages, Rerum did not.

In test 8, in the March 2016 run, human immune system macrophages are added to breast cancer cells. As usual, nothing happens. Then the latest batch of GcMAF was added. All the cancer cells were eaten. That’s on time lapse photography many times.

The Rerum failed to cause the cancer cells to be eaten: At the end of the three days, they were still there.

So Rerum wholly fails to be a replacement for GcMAF.

Marco Ruggiero MD, a former employee of IBL, is a doctor.

It cannot be good for a doctor to be supplying a treatment to dying cancer patients that doesn’t seem to have any good clinical results, and apparently doesn’t work.  It seems in the Rerum world, money matters more than morals.  Or human life.



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  1. I have multiple myeloma and I would like a review on being treated with this product.
    I live in Nottinghamshire, UK.
    How and who should I contact.
    Thank you.

  2. Please provide references for your claims so that I can fact check them. Where can the full list of 120 GcMAF research paper be found? I have read that Dr. Yamamoto listed Co-researchers without their knowledge or permision as one of the reasons his papers were retracted. That seems considerably different from your claim that “The the Anticancer Fund used fraudulent and simply wrong science to take down two of Dr Yamamotos GcMAF research papers.” How do I resolve the competing claims of Dr. Yamamotos credibility?

  3. Pharmaceuticals have been doing this for years to others not just GcMMAF . The Pharmaceutical industry should be all had up for murder

  4. It is a shame that information is with held from the Public by our Government “representatives”. I am seeing the same stories accross the globe, in the US a female scientist jailed for simply stating her findings that vaccines caused cancer. Denmark the HPV vaccine causing serious side effects Gvt representatives ignore. UK PM telling the UK to all go and get vaccinated, when the Vaccine literature says some people can have adverse reactions, and side effects include death? Also the many disclaimers its at my risk not the doctor, PM or Nurse, non take responsibility for adverse reactions. Additionally what do the vaccinated people fear, isnt the whole point of being vaccinated means one is protected from the disease? They dont even make logical sense.

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